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Mapping Services - APSI can provide your organization with an in depth mapping of your landscape to create a property baseline of trees and shrubs. Over time landscape plans can become dated, making it more difficult to obtain permits and to track the current state of your property. APSI can provide these services for a fee, or they are commonly included in our initial tree trimming engagements.

APSI provides MOT (maintenance of traffic) mapping services where they are required and for the safe operation of our crews. FDOT compliant MOT planning and execution is included for all necessary projects as an integral part of our proposal. For clients that would like to perform their own arborist services but do not have a formal MOT certifications or capabilities, we also can provide these services on a for fee basis.

Tree Health assessments and diagnosis - Healthy Trees do not only enhance the beauty of your property and add value to your investment; they also minimize hazards and risks associated with trees that are in decline due to age, disease, pests or other causes. Our Certified Arborists will walk your property to diagnose the health of your trees as well as check for signs of disease. Catching disease or infestation early is important to minimize the damage to your landscape. Formal recommendations will be made for consideration. Affordable Palm Service, Inc is trained in expert removal of trees to minimize the risk of spreading disease to other healthy trees.